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The Colony Pressure Washing offers the most affordable pressure and power washing services to the greater The Colony area. We are here to serve our customers with our high-quality cleaning services while providing you with the best rates around. Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential services, regular maintenance, or emergency cleaning, look no further. We’ve got the other guys beat. Pressure washing, power washing, house exteriors, windows, and concrete, we do it all.

First impressions mean everything, and The Colony Pressure Washing uses only the safest and most efficient methods involved in pressure washing exteriors. The benefits of pressure washing and power washing your property include blasting away nasty dirt, grime, and mold to sanitize and revive your structure. It also removes oil, rust, and gum from your concrete, so the entire environment is clean and inviting. Small home or a large warehouse, there’s no job too big or small for us.

Exterior house cleaning and commercial building power washing often go overlooked. Our professionals are trained and provide nothing but the best for our customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the results, we’re not happy. Don’t hesitate, contact us for a quote today!


Exterior house cleaning is not something most people think to have done, but it is one of the top maintenance jobs you should schedule every couple of years to maintain your residence. Mold, mildew, algae, and rust are all culprits that contribute to the breakdown of house paint and siding. Constantly being exposed to the elements, these contaminants thrive when not treated appropriately and they begin to eat away at everything, leading to you having to repaint your house or get entirely new siding, both of which can be costly projects. Luckily, you can avoid those situations by having regular house power washing done every couple of years.

With our house washing, we provide what’s called soft wash services, which are pressure washing services designed specifically for exterior house cleaning. With the soft washing method, we pressure wash your home’s exterior with special detergents and hot water on a much lower pressure than regular pressure washing. This allows us to safely remove contaminants without causing damage to the siding and paint or risking breaking any windows. Spruce up your home’s exterior and lengthen the life of the paint today. This is an important job you should let the experts handle.


For the best residential pressure washing in The Colony, TX, contact The Colony Pressure Washing today! We are here to meet all your residential pressure washing needs. You can choose from our soft wash service, driveway cleaning, window washing, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning. Bring life back to the rest of your home’s exterior by having regular professional driveway and roof cleanings done. Like our soft wash service to clean and extend the life of your home’s paint and siding, driveway and roof cleanings are the same. They are more than just for aesthetics; they make for a cleaner environment to live in and they prolong the life of your structure. Let’s face it, new roofs are expensive. It’s better to be proactive and maintain your existing roof so all the grime, mold, and mildew don’t eat away at it and wear it down faster. That’s why routine exterior washes are recommended every couple of years. When you properly manage small things now, you avoid costly disasters in the future. And you know that stubborn oil and rust stain that’s been in your driveway that you can’t get out and feel is stuck there forever? We can get rid of that too.

 The professionals at The Colony Pressure Washing even do windows. They are trained to clean any window; that means any shape, any size, new or old. You can rest assured because no job is too big, small, or difficult for them. They will leave your windows free of any streaks and spots that you’ll be thinking they’re brand new. A clean window means a healthy house. Combined with a fresh pressure washed house, roof, and driveway, sparkling clean windows are the cherry on top of the residential pressure wash sundae. Your curb appeal will drastically increase, and your home is sure to stand out from the crowd. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


As a business, we understand that first impressions are everything to customers. You only get one chance at a first impression, so it’s very important to make it a good one. The cleanliness of your storefront can make or break if you gain a new customer. Here at The Colony Pressure Washing, we’re here for you and your business so you can provide customers and employees alike a clean, safe, and welcoming environment. You want customers to keep coming back to your establishment and it’s important to provide a healthy work environment for employees to keep morale up and make them want to keep coming back as well.

The commercial services we offer include commercial building power washing, commercial roof cleaning, graffiti removal, parking lot power washing, and window washing. Like our soft wash services for residential house washing, our commercial building power washing utilizes hot water and detergents sprayed on the building’s exterior at a low pressure to prevent any damage to the paint and siding. This spruces up the storefront, brightens the paint, and makes your business stand out from the rest. Not only does this make things look nicer, but it also means you have a cleaner and safer business since you’ve gotten rid of caked-on grime, stains, and viruses, and harmful pollutants such as mold and mildew. We also specialize in graffiti removal. Don’t waste your time trying to remove it with soap and water or painting over it. Without the proper cleaning agents and supplies, these methods are ineffective and only mask the issue. Let us take care of your building and make it pristine once again.

Other than just your storefront, we also wash and maintain the areas around it. What’s a sparkling, beautiful building without a bright, spotless roof, concrete, and windows? With our high-pressure machines and high-grade cleaning agents, we can easily and effectively remove any mildew and grime from the roof, pesky chewed gum from the sidewalk, and oil leaks from cars in the parking lot. We provide only the best and most affordable commercial pressure washing in The Colony, TX. We won’t leave you disappointed.

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